• Weapon Sights

    Weapons technology for the warfighter continues to evolve, and the weapons themselves have become reliable tools for the purposes of engaging the enemy in battle successfully

    In the 60's during the Viet Nam war, the first editions of what we now call the M16/AR15 platform were introduced, with continuing improvement since.

  • Thermal Imaging

    Ever wonder what it would be like to see as far in pitch dark as you can in broad daylight? About 20 years ago, the first thermal imaging camera appeared on the scene, as a very effective tool for firefighters

    C2i's predessor company, Cairns & Brother, was the instigator of this amazing new technology, building the firefighter community's awareness and understanding of the technology

  • Fire Fighting Equipment

    Since 1836, C2i's founder's family have been famously pushing development in the state of the art in firefighter protection. For 5 generations, patents on new and important protective technologies have marked the path of a great family business.

    This generation is no different. Already having successfully commercialized over a dozen new, patented technologies and products

  • Military Equipment

    In keeping with this track record of innovation, and responding to the voice of our soldiers in arms, C2i recently discovered a new, innovative and radical way to give a soldier a very important edge in target acquisition speed

    C2i listened, and took advantage of its substantial contacts in the technologies needed, to form a team of companies that would be able to provide the soldier with the ability to aim and engage his targets with significantly more rapid response than normal